2017 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Watch


The delivery of health care advances to evolve day in day out. Competition continues to intensify, and the curious thing about the trend isn’t that abruptly appear; sometimes this can be true and sometimes false. The most important aspect fro any marketing professional is how one manages this change because it is the degree of change that marks a consistent trend. It becomes something worth watching, examining and bringing into your mind and most importantly into your planning. In fact, trends bring both difficulties and opportunities in any field. Hospital executives, marketing professionals and doctors have an alternative of proactively managing the cause as well as the direction of the change or “going along.”

As you plan and make your social media marketing for doctors, here are some of the significant trends you can consider for 2017.

Ever thought of social messaging apps which are becoming marketing platforms?  Twitters, Facebook as well as other big names are still common social hangouts. However, there are other which is growing to be more popular such as the Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and others. These apps have made it possible to have real-time customer conversations and also boost relationships; the two are traditional roots of messaging. You should, therefore, expect new advertising and marketing possibilities to come up as the chat apps continue to grow. Here is a good video you must watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jottDMuLesU.

Smart content plays a significant role in convincing patients. Any significant trend is presenting content in a very authoritative, share worth and exciting manner. The Internet has become the front door of healthcare marketing you can search online for any valuable healthcare information. The fact is there is increased competition for the reader’s attention, and therefore the content should be reliable, shareable, fresh and able to earn both respect and build trust.

It is also nice to personalize or individualize your marketing plans because of the sophistication of the marketing delivery systems. The public audience is also resistant to the traditional styles, advertising, and broad brush methods. People are more informed of their health care issues, and they want information that is tailored to suit their health problems. You have to identify the user interest and deliver timely, personalized and relevant content on one to one basis. The automation brought about by the digital marketing creates a user profile personalized, and relevant messaging has the potential to get more attention and always generates more interests as well as response.


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